Victor and Luisa Ayala Gonzales

Victor and Luisa Ayala Gonzales
Victor Gonzales and Luisa Ayala

Monday, October 17, 2011

Building la Familia de Abraham Gonzales

The Gonzales Familia I am building is principally from Zacatecas, México.  The oldest members of that family to my knowledge are Abraham Gonzales and his wife, Benancia Medina.  Their children are four sons: Luciano, Victor, José María and Octaviano.  The records of their children indicate that they came from Jeréz and Fresnillo, Zacatecas, México.  Luciano was married to Dominga Mejía, José María was unmarried, Victor was married to Luísa Ayala and Octaviano was married to Epimenia Herrada.

One thing to keep in mind that the Gonzales name as spelled out in Mexican baptismal records was GONZÁLEZ.  For purposes of this blog, consider both spellings as correct.  I have borne the name of GONZALES all of my life, as have my 4 siblings, and I would rather not have to spell it with a Z at the end because that requires a written accent mark over the A; an extra step I would rather avoid.  As the familia crossed the border into the USA in about 1914-1915, it is certain that the border officials changed the Z to S for ease of writing the Gonzales name, as phonetically, S and Z are very similar. Uncle Julio, Victor's son, managed to preserve the correct spelling of GONZÁLEZ for his family.

I welcome any discussion on this Gonzales familia.